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Proyectos en ejecución el año 2014

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Nombre Tipo Financiamiento Periodo Investigador Responsable Co-Investigador
Assessment of soil quality and the applicability of soil quality indicators in soils derived from volcanic materials under different land uses in Southern Chile FONDECYT Iniciación 2011 - 2014 Susana Valle T., Ing. Agr., Dr. Cs. Agr.
Evaluation of the native Chilean riparian vegetation as a filter for agricultural diffuse pollution: nutrient uptake, sediment removal, and denitrification Fondecyt Regular 2011 - 2015
The land use change and drainage of a ñadi soil (aquands) in southern Chile: Effects on soil structure dependent properties related pore functions, chemical properties and GHG emissions Fondecyt Regular 2013 - 2016 Dorota Dec B., Ing. Agr., M. Cs., Dr. Cs. Agr.
Implementación de un Lísimetro de alta resolución para estudios sobre dinámica de agua y su eficiencia de uso en Andisoles bajo uso agrícola FONDEQUIP 2013 - 2014 Dorota Dec B., Ing. Agr., M. Cs., Dr. Cs. Agr.

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