Publiciones del año 2007

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Autores Título Revista Instituto
S.M. Hodgkinson y P. J. Moughan An effect of dietary protein content on endogenous ileal lisien flor in the growing rat Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 87: 233-238
M. Reynolds, D. Calderini, A. Condon y M. Vargas Association of source/sink traits with yield, biomass and radiation use efficiency among random sister lines from three wheat crosses in a high-yield environment Journal of Agricultural Science 145: 3-16
L. Devotto, R. Carrillo, E. Cisternas y M. Gerding Effects of lambda-cyhalothrin and Beauveria bassiana spores on abundance of Chilean soil surface predators, especially spiders and carabid beetles. Pedobiología 51:65-73, 2007
S. Bonachela, R. Acuña y J. Casas Environmental factors and management practices controlling oxygen dynamics in agricultural irrigation ponds in a semiarid Mediterranean region: implications for pond agricultural functions Water Research. 41:1225-1234
C. Ugarte, D. Calderini y G. Slafer Grain weight and grain number responsiveness to pre-anthesis temperature in wheat, barley and triticale. Field Crops Research 100: 240-248
D. Calderini. X. Lizana, S. Hess, C. Jobet y J. Zúñiga. Grain yield and quality of wheat under increased ultraviolet radiation (UV-B) at later stages of the crop cycle Journal of Agricultural Science 146, 1-8
H. Norambuena, G. Martínez, R. Carrillo y M. Neira Host specifity and establishment of Tetranychus lintearius (Acari : Tetranychidae) for biological control of gorse, Ulex europaeus (Fabaceae) in Chile Biological Control 40: 204-212
I. Arismendi y L. Nahuelhual Non-native salmon and trout recreational fishing in Lake Llanquihue, Southern Chile: Economic benefits and management implications. Reviews in Fisheries Science 15: 311-325
L. Devotto, E. Cisternas, M. Gerding y R. Carrillo Response of grassland soil arthropod community to biological and convencional control of a native moth: using Beauveria bassiana and lambda-cyhalothrin for Malaca pallens (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae) suppression BioControl 52: 507-531
A. J.M. Smucker, E-J. Park, J. Dörner, R. Horn. Soil micropore development and contributions to soluble carbon transport within macroaggregates Vadose Zone Journal 6(2): 282-290
B. Bravo- Ureta, D. Solís, V. Moreira, J. Maripani, A. Thiam y T. Rivas Technical efficiency in farming: a meta-regression analysis Journal of Productivity Análisis 27:57-72
B. Bravo-Ureta, D. Solís, V. Moreira, J. Maripani, A. Thiam y T. Rivas Technical efficiency in farming: a meta-regression analysis. Journal of Productivity Analysis 27:57-72
R. Carrillo, R. Alarcón, M. Neira. The effects of carabid beetles (Coleopotera:Carabidae) on the arthropod fauna of wheat fields in Chile. Revista de Biología Tropical 55(1):101-11, 2007.
L. Nahuelhual, P. Donoso, A. Lara, D. Núñez, C. Oyarzún y E. Neira Valuing ecosystem services of Chilean temperate rainforests. Environment, Development and Sustainability 9: 481-499

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