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López, I., Kemp, P., Dörner, J., Descalzi, C., Balocchi, O., García, S. Competitive Strategies and Growth of Neighbouring Bromus valdivianus Phil. and Lolium perenne L. Plants Under Water Restriction Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 199(6):449-459
Cuevas, J., Horn, R., Seguel, O., Dörner, J. Hydraulic conductivity variation in chilean volcanic soils due to wheeling and management Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 13(3): 756-766.
Baumgarten, W., Dörner, J., Horn, R. Microstructural development in volcanic ash soils from South Chile Soil & Tillage Research 129: 48–60.
Dörner, J., Zúñiga, F., López, I. Short-term effects of different pasture improvement treatments on the physical quality of an Andisol Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 13 (2): 381-399
Dörner, J., Dec, D., Sáez, C., Peng, X., Ivelic-Sáez, J., Zúñiga, F., Seguel, O. Horn, R. The shrinkage properties of different managed andisols as function of aggregate scale Agro Sur volumen 41(1): 1-9

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