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Publicaciones del año 2012

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Echeverria, R., Moreira, V., Barrena, J. y Gopinath, M. A Characterization of Chilean Farmers based on their market-Production Orientation Ciencia e Investigación Agraria.
López, S., Barrera, J., Nahuelhual, L., Engler, A. Análisis de las exportaciones chilenas de fruta fresca a los principales mercados mundiales en la última decada. Agro Sur
Schiappacasse, I., Nahuelhual, L., Vásquez, F., Echeverría, C. Assessing the benefits and cost of dryland forest restoration in central Chile Journal of Environmental Management 97: 38-45
Patiño, M., Moreira, V., Echeverría, R., Nahuelhual, L. Factors determining adoption of water conservation practices in cattle farming systems of the upper basin of the river Guarinó (Caldas, Colombia) Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias 25: 46-55
Engler, A., Nahuelhual, L., Cofré, G., Barrena, J. How far from harmonization are sanitary, phytosanitary and quality-related standards? An exporter's perception approach Food Policy, 37: 162-170
Echeverría, C., Newton, A., Nahuelhual, L., Coomes, D., Rey-Benayase, J. How landscapes change: Integration of spatial patterns and human processes in temperate landscapes of southern Chile. Applied Geography 32: 822-831.
Moreira, V., Troncoso, J., Bravo-Ureta, B. Technical efficiency for a sample of Chilean wine grape producers: A stoschastic production frontier analysis Ciencia e Investigación Agraria 38(3): 321-329
Echeverria, R., Moreira, V., Sepúlveda, C., Wittwer, C. Willingness to Pay for C arbon Footprint on Foods British Food Journal.

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