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Issis Quispe-Fuentes, Antonio Vega-Gálvez, Margarita Miranda, Roberto Lemus-Mondaca, Maribel Lozano, Kong Ah-Hen A kinetic approach to saponin extraction during washing of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd) seeds Journal of Food Process Engineering, Volume 36, Issue 2, April 2013, Pages: 202–210
Luis Puente-Diaz; Kong Ah-Hen; Antonio Vega-Galvez; Roberto Lemus-Mondaca; Karina DiScala Combined Infrared-Convective Drying of Murta (Ugni molinae Turcz) Berries: Kinetic Modeling and Quality Assessment Drying Technology, 2013, Vol 31(3) 329-338
José Miguel Bastías M., Marcela Cuadra H., Ociel Muñoz F., Roberto Quevedo L. Correlación entre las buenas prácticas de manufactura y el cumplimiento de los criterios microbiológicos en la fabricación de helados en Chile. Revista Chilena de Nutrición. 2013, 40(2), 161-168.
Liliana Zura-Bravo, Kong Ah Hen, Antonio Vega-Gálvez, Purificación García-Segovia, Roberto Lemus-Mondaca Effect of rehydration temperature on functional properties, antioxidant capacity, and structural characteristics of apple (Granny Smith) slices in relation to mass transfer kinetics. Journal of Food Process Engineering, Volume 36, Issue 5, October 2013, Pages: 559–571
Liliana Zura-Bravo, Antonio Vega-Gálvez, Roberto Lemus-Mondaca, Kong Shun Ah-Hen, Karina Di Scala Effect of temperature on rehydration kinetics, functional properties, texture and antioxidant activity of red pepper var. Hungarian (Capsicum annuum l.) Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, Vol. 37, Issue 1, pages 74-85, February 2013
Jose M. Bastias, Philippe Jambon, Ociel Muñoz, Nimia Manquián, Patricia Bahamonde, and Miguel Neira Honey as a Bioindicator of Arsenic Contamination due to Volcanic and Mining Activities in Chile. Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research. 2013,73 (2)147-153.
Luis Diaz-Puente, Roberto Lemus-Mondaca, Antonio Vega-Gálvez, Kong Ah-Hen, Jaime Ortiz, Liliana Zura-Bravo, Santiago Aubourg Influence of air-drying temperature on drying kinetics, colour, firmness and biochemical characteristics of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fillets Food Chemistry, 2013, Vol 139 issues 1-4, 162-169
J. Parada, J.L. Santos Interactions among starch, lipids, and proteins in foods: microstructure control for glycemic response modulation. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, accepted.
Kong Ah-Hen, Carlos E. Zambra & Juan E. Aguëro, Antonio Vega-Gálvez, Roberto Lemus-Mondaca Moisture Diffusivity Coefficient and Convective Drying Modelling of Murta (Ugni molinae Turcz): Influence of Temperature and Vacuum on Drying Kinetics Food and Bioprocess Technology: An International Journal, Vol 6, Issue 4 (April 2013) 919-930
Elsa Uribe, Roberto Lemus-Mondaca, Antonio Vega-Gálveza, Lorena A. López, Karina Pereira, Jéssica López, Kong Ah-Hen, Karina Di Scala Quality characterization of waste olive cake during hot air drying: Nutritional aspects and antioxidant activity Food and Bioprocess Technology: An International Journal, May 2013, Vol 6, issue 5, 1207-1217

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