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Our Doctorate Program in Agricultural Science gives students both a solid theoretical and practical preparation that permits them to independently carry out academic and scientific activities in the fields of agriculture and livestock.

Our program’s objective is that our graduates be researchers of the highest quality, able to work creatively and with scientific independence. We aim to give them the skills necessary to carry out team work focused on the current realities in Latin America, where scientists that are able to direct research focused on sustainable agricultural development are needed.

In addition to the above, our program also has an up-to-date vision of Agricultural Science, especially in the areas of Plant, Animal and Soil Sciences. Graduates educated in our program are oriented towards applied investigation and the development and innovation of Agricultural Science.

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General Information

Our Doctorate Program in Agricultural Science is multidisciplinary. Austral University of Chile professors from diverse schools participate in our program, including professors from the Schools of Agricultural Science, Science and Veterinary Science, as well as renowned professors and reseachers from other national and foreign universities and investigation institutes.

Our program is based on a flexible curriculum which is individualized for each student. The course of study lasts for four years with the doctoral thesis as its central focal point.

Our program’s course of study is made up of a combination of sequential academic activities which include advanced courses, an exam in English proficiency, bibliographical seminars, investigations, a ranking exam, a thesis project, and an exit exam.

Students who have successfully completed their coursework, had their thesis approved, and passed the exit exam will receive the academic title of Doctor of Agricultural Science.

University graduates in the area of Agricultural Science or similar biological areas will be able to apply to this program in agreement with current university legislation. Those without Agricultural Science degrees must take complementary, leveling courses.

Areas of Study

  • Plant Science
  • Animal Science
  • Soil Science

Course of Study

  • Three classes or obligatory modules: 10 credits
  • Optional classes: 10 credits
  • English Proficiency Exam
  • A Seminar
  • An Investigative Unit
  • Academic Ranking Exam
  • Doctoral Thesis
  • Exit Exam

Program’s Committee

  • Dr. Daniel Calderini (Plant Science)
  • Dr. Oscar Balocchi (Animal Science)
  • Dr. Dante Pinochet (Soil Science)

External Advisory Committee of the Doctorate Program

  • Dr. Hugo Campos de Quiroz (Technology Center Canavieira, Brazil)
  • Dr. Octavio Oltra (Dairy Consortium, Chile)
  • Dr. Manuel Pinto (National Institute of Agricultural Research, La Platina, Chile)

Registration Fee for Regular Students and Those with Special-Exceptions

Annual: Chilean $ 150.000

Admission Fee

Per Semester: Chilean  $ 2.100.000


Download Application Form  from the Agricultural Science Faculty’s Graduate School


Profesores Visitantes

Visiting Professors

  • Norbert Claassen, Georg August Universität Göttingen
  • Peter Kemp, Massey University, Nueva Zelandia
  • Rainer Horn, Institut für Pflanzenernährung und Bodenkunde, Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, Alemania
  • Nicolás López-Villalobos, Massey University, Nueva Zelandia
  • Víctor Sadras, South Australian Research and Development Institute
  • Gustavo Slafer, ICREA y Universidad de Lleida

Programa de Estudio


Complete list of Doctorate Graduates from the PhD Program in Agricultural Science

Updated June 30th, 2015

Name Position Work Address
Ahmed Hasan Associate Professor Bangladesh Agricultural University. Department of Agronomy.
Alejandra Sepúlveda Lecturer Universidad Católica de Temuco. School of Environmental Sciences.
Alejandro García Lecturer Universidad de Chile. Department of Wood Engineering and Biomaterials.
Carolina Lizana Lecturer Universidad Austral de Chile, Department of Plant Production and Protection.
Claudia Barchiesi Associate Professor Universidad de La Frontera, Department of Agriculture.
Constanza Jana Deputy Director R&D INIA Intihuasi. (National Institute of Agricultural Research)
Cristian Ortiz Head San Ignacio´s County, Bio-Bio Region. PRODESAL II.
Ernesto Cisternas Director INIA La Cruz. (National Institute of Agricultural Research)
Estrella Garrido Undergraduate School Director Universidad Catolica del Maule. School of Agriculture.
Gregorio Vásconez Lecturer Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo (Ecuador), Faculty of Livestock Sciences.
Jaime Antonio Guerrero Associate Professor Universidad de La Frontera, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
Jordana Rivero Lecturer Universidad Católica de Temuco. School of Agriculture.
José Antonio Blanco Lecturer Universidad Católica del Maule. School of Agriculture.
Juan Pablo Keim Lecturer Universidad Austral de Chile. Department of Animal Science.
Karin Hoffens School Director Universidad de Los Lagos. Professional Institute of Los Lagos.
Luis Osvaldo Devotto Researcher INIA Quilamapu. (National Institute of Agricultural Research)
Manuel Muñoz Researcher INIA Remehue. (National Institute of Agricultural Research) Potato Breeding Program.
María Laura Bernáldez Professor Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina). Department of Animal Science.
Nolberto Arismendi Associate Researcher Universidad de Concepcion. Department of Plant Science.
Oscar Rodrigo Seguel Lecturer Universidad de Chile. Department of Agricultural Engineering and Soil.
Pablo Loaiza Head of Department National Dairy Consortium. Department of Extension.
Pamela Williams Lecturer and Head of Laboratory Universidad de Concepcion. Department of Animal Science. Animal Nutrition Laboratory.
Patricio Quijada Undergraduate School Director Universidad de Viña del Mar. School of Agriculture.
Patricio Sandaña Researcher INIA Remehue. (National Institute of Agricultural Research). National Potato Consortium.
Paz Millas Researcher INIA Quilamapu. (National Institute of Agricultural Research).
Susana Valle Lecturer Universidad Austral de Chile. Department of Agricultural Engineering and Soil.
Yosselyn Garay Associate Professor Universidad San Sebastian. Department of Biology and Chemistry.




Those interested in applying to the programs offered by the Graduate School in the Agricultural Science Faculty must:

  • Complete the Application for Admission (Download Application Form) provided by the Graduate School and attach all required documents to the application.
  • Foreign students must legalize their degree certificate and grade record certificate with the Ministry of Foreign Relations before starting the program.

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